Pheasant Run Apartments

Welcome to your New Home! The Mt. Pleasant Housing Commission takes great pride in the Pheasant Run community and hopes that you will too.

If you have any problems, please call or stop by our office to report them immediately and we will have our helpful and knowledgeable staff assist you. The office phone number is 773-3784 and we are open Monday through Thursday. In the event of a maintenance emergency after normal business hours, please call the same number and our emergency monitors will contact the maintenance staff.

Rent and garbage service fees are due on the 1st of the month, a $10.00 late fee will be charged against your account and due after the 7th of the month. You may make payments at our offices in checks or money orders. CASH PAYMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED! If you do not know the amount you owe, please call ahead and verify.

As with anyone who lives in a home, whether renting or purchasing, there are some rules and city ordinances that must be obeyed in order to insure enjoyable community living for all residents. Please read these over and if you have any questions or wish to discuss them, contact us. A more detailed list of regulations can be found by referring to your lease and/or the Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policies in our office. The frequently addressed issues are:

  1. No alterations of any kind, including changing or adding locks, may be done to your dwelling unit.
  2. No inoperable or improperly tagged vehicles of any kind shall be parked on Pheasant Run property. Snowmobiles, motorcycles, all terrain vehicles, etc. will not be permitted.
  3. Refuse collection is set up as a fee for service with the Housing Commission. All tenants are required to pay the current rate on a monthly basis with their rental payments in order to have a key issued for the locking dumpster located at the site. All garbage must be properly disposed of in garbage bags and tied off completely. No items are to be left outside of the dumpster at any time for any reason. Any item that will not fit into a garbage bag is considered a large item and should be disposed of by other necessary means. Those large items do not belong in the dumpster and will not be picked up. The City offers a large item pick up service-you may contact city hall for further information. Dumpster is to remain locked at all times. Keys for the dumpster are not to be distributed to anyone other than who they were assigned to and are to be returned upon vacating your unit or you will be charged to re-key the dumpster and have new keys issued for all residents. Any tenant allowing illegal dumping or disposing of garbage for any other households outside of Pheasant Run will be charged and fined to the fullest extent of the law for illegal dumping, and could lose your housing.
  5. Extermination services are available through the office. If you see that you have a potential problem of this kind, call us immediately before it gets out of control.
  6. Your stove is equipped with a self-cleaning oven. Do Not use abrasive cleaners or any type of oven cleaning product on the interior of the oven, as these products will permanently damage the self-cleaning procedure and you will be responsible for replacing the stove. Please read the directions carefully before beginning this process.
  7. To keep the interior of your home in good repair, we offer the following tips:
    1. Do not use scouring pads, steel wool, etc. on the fiberglass fixtures, as these types of products will scratch the surface. A soft scrub type of cleanser will work better.
    2. Please do not put any type of adhesive stickers on the walls, doors, cupboards, appliances, etc. Picture hanging kits are appropriate for all wall hangings.
    3.  Please place coasters under all furniture to prevent scratching the floors.
    4. Perform REGULAR household cleaning for general sanitation.
    5. DO NOT OVERLOAD the washer or dryer. Follow the instructions on the appliance.
    6. Exterior-removal of snow and ice is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! You must use appropriate ice melt in the winter months and shovel your walks and driveways for safety.
    7. Purchase renter’s insurance to safeguard you against claims. 
    8. Follow all policies regarding Air Conditioners and Swimming Pools. Ask for copies of those policies at the office if you are interested in either one.
  8. Be responsible for your children and your guests. Criminal or drug-related activity of any kind will not be tolerated and could be grounds for immediate lease termination. Report all incidents to the office immediately.
  9. Join the Pheasant Run Neighborhood Watch group and the Kids Zone. This will insure that your community will be a safer place for you and your family.

We have worked long and hard to provide this type of housing for families and we hope that you will help us in keeping it a desirable place to live. Again, welcome to Pheasant Run-enjoy living here!

Mt. Pleasant Housing Commission