About MPHC

Who we are

The US Housing Act of 1937 set up a government program titled United States Housing and Urban Development (HUD). HUD in turn developed a program that gives low to moderate income families and people with special needs options for inexpensive leasing (subsidized housing).

The MPHC was created in 1966 as an organization dedicated to helping citizens in the Mount Pleasant area find safe, affordable housing. The MPHC manages two housing sites that offer this type of affordable housing to Mount Pleasant citizens. They also offer Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8 vouchers) which can be used to obtain housing with participating private landlords in the Mount Pleasant community and are also transferable across the nation after one year of residency in Isabella County.

What we do

MPHC is committed to offering and managing safe, affordable housing for Mount Pleasant citizens. MPHC manages Riverview Apartments, a high rise designed for tenants who are considered near elderly, elderly or disabled. The complex is ten stories and includes many of the necessary amenities for tenants. MPHC also manages Pheasant Run Apartments which are three and four bedroom duplexes for families who are eligible for the program. Children have access to a playground, basketball court and can also participate in the Kids Club.